Limited Trade work - Spring 2019

Occasionally I look for new people to photograph for portfolio updates, personal projects, and just to keep generally creative and sharp. Much of the work on this site was created this way, and dozens of long term collaborations and friendships have formed through the process. As life goes though, people move on, and it opens up the opportunity to branch out and bring in fresh energy and perspectives.

I look for people who:

-Are uninhibited and very comfortable with nudity

-Have few or no large body modifications (Iā€™m flexible on a case by case basis)

-Reliable and potentially available for several sessions

-Have availability to be photographed in their own homes

-Are located within a 3 hour radius of NYC

I bias towards photographing women, but am by no means averse to working with men. Most of the people I photograph are in their mid 20s through 40s. At a minimum you need to be 18, and willing to sign a model release.

Shoots run for about 3-4 hours. Out of each session I provide jpegs of the final photographs, usually around 6-12, for personal and portfolio use; plus two exhibition quality archival prints. 

You can read about several people's experiences working with me here.

Interested? Drop me a note with a few snapshots or link: justin.n.lane@gmail.com