Words to accompany the photographs.

Anticipating New Mexico

I'm a kid of weird dreams. The fascination surrounding all things radioactive has been a part of me since I learned to form a sentence. From cosmic radiation dose rates on long-haul flights, to radioactive tchotchkes (yes, I have a tritium keychain), the legacy of nuclear weaponry, environmental impact of disasters, and the looming problems of storing spent fuel... all are fodder for late night research, project planning and occasional trips that leave some friends scratching their heads.

The bucket list is about to get a check mark as White Sands unlocks its gates for the biannual Trinity Site open house on October 1st. All ethical, political and environmental issues aside, the history behind the event that brought about the nuclear age is astonishing, and the thought of standing on the spot where the first man-made nuclear detonation occurred feels like 10 cups of coffee, all at once. 




Justin Lane