Daybreaking at Fort Tilden and Riis Beach 073019

Insomnia is part of me, just like seasonal allergies, but for sleep instead of silver birch pollen. It usually manifests in ways that wake me up extraordinarily early. I’ve got little problem falling asleep, but once I am, those hours are precious few. Tuesday morning was no exception: 2:30am.

Sometimes you know when you’re beat, and around 4:30, I gave up trying, drove to the 24hr Dunks for a large iced coffee, and then out to the coast with a body and two lenses in the bag.

While I’d prefer sleep, the solitude of early morning can make you feel like you own this place, or are at least part of a very exclusive club; It’s therapeutic.

The sun rose, the transitions were a classic study in light. Eventually I had a bagel and a solid nap.

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