b. 1975 Ridgewood, NJ

Justin Nicholas Lane is a Brooklyn, NY, based fine art and editorial photographer. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Alfred University (1997). 

Crossing genres, his photographs employ strong graphic organization often with implicit narratives, documenting stories or inspiring them in the viewer's mind. They are keenly observational.

Justin's influences draw from many creative disciplines; among them, photographers Duane Michals, Bettina Rheims, Ellen Von Unwerth, Wolfgang Tillmans, Richard Misrach, and Peter Goin, Filmmaker Godfrey Reggio, Composer Philip Glass; and Painter Gary Ruddell. 

When the camera's left behind, Justin's an avid cyclist, hiker, road tripper and science enthusiast.


Shot with an iPhone, the irony isn’t lost.