b. 1975 Ridgewood, NJ

Justin Nicholas Lane is a Brooklyn, NY, based fine art and editorial photographer. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Alfred University (1997). 

At times documenting subjects in as literal a manner possible, at other times building implicit fictions; Justin’s photographs are meant to evoke questions outside the limits of the image. They are keenly observational.

Justin's influences draw from many creative disciplines; among them, photographers Duane Michals, Bettina Rheims, Ellen Von Unwerth, Richard Del Tredici, Richard Misrach, and Peter Goin; filmmaker Godfrey Reggio, composer Philip Glass; scientists Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan; and painter Gary Ruddell. 

When the camera's left behind, Justin's an avid cyclist, hiker, road tripper and science enthusiast.


Shot with an iPhone, the irony isn’t lost.