I’m always surprised that Justin manages to get so many photos of me that don’t involve me talking.  I feel like the majority of the time we spend on photoshoots could more easily be categorized as shooting the shit, since we usually end up chatting more than doing anything that could be described as formal posing and photographing.  That’s the dynamic of a shoot with Justin, though; his focus on the natural gestures of a model—the unposed moments and spontaneous postures that a person assumes when they don’t feel like they’re being watched—that’s what he looks for.  His photos capture an honesty in a person, and for that I feel both vulnerable and comfortable; I don’t feel the need to pretend to be someone I’m not, but I do have a sense that the images Justin takes of me are something more honest than the typical photograph, and I’m more exposed in that respect.  As often as Justin’s photos capture women without clothes on, they capture women without a posture being held, or an artificiality in front of the camera.  A simple conversation is all that’s needed to catch me with my guard down, and freeze a gesture or movement in an image on its own.  That’s what Justin’s photography style does; it captures a model without the need to change the person.  As I’m chatting and unposed, honest and present, that is what the photos capture.
— Meg (long term collaborator)
Justin has a way of intimating space with his models in a way that feels safe, respectful, and easy. While one never knows what to expect in shooting artistic nudes, the space held is one that promotes creativity of movement and safety. He asks the model to move in whichever way she feels compelled, snapping shots as conversation rolls. My words can’t show enough gratitude for Justin capturing moments that are intimate in my own home — standing at my bathroom sink, pressing coffee in a French press, cocooned in blankets and pillows on my bed with natural light flowing through the windows. Some even capture my animals creeping into the frame. Bonus — he’s prompt, consistent, and has a quick turnover of getting images back to you. Hands down one of my favorite photographers to shoot with.
— Julianne (artist and yoga instructor)
Justin’s collaborative approach sets everyone in the room at ease. His eye for detail and clear communication ensure smooth work and beautiful images.
— Constance Ausrine (writer and model)
The really great aspect of working with Justin, can be summed up in one word, trust. Whether he is taking a portrait or helping me with Photoshop, printing my work; I always rest easily knowing his advice, skill, and judgment will get me to the right place faster. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with, a pro all the way.
— Michael Scalisi (artist and photographer)
Justin was one of the first photographers I worked with as an art model. I truly appreciated his level of professionalism, it made me feel at ease. Justin’s enthusiasm for his craft is inspiring. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him in a few different settings
— Olive (dancer and choreographer)
Justin was recommended to me by a friend when I decided I wanted to create a sexy photo book for my husband as a wedding gift. It was a wonderful experience! Right from the start Justin was a true professional as he worked with me to make sure my vision for the book came to life. Communication and scheduling was easy with him, and he made me feel comfortable and confident in my very first modeling experience! And the end result was spectacular - the quality and the mood of the photographs were perfect, and the prints in the final product are stunning.
— Helena, private client
Very patient and kind, has made me comfortable since our first shoot together. If you get a chance to work with him, take it!
— Roxann (art model)
I’ve worked with Justin several times, for my headshots (which I still use even after five years) and in more creative shoots. He’s always been professional and trustworthy, whether we’ve worked in my home or his. I don’t consider myself photogenic at all, but his skilled hand and light retouching really does bring out the best in me.
— Alden Wicker (journalist, blogger, and sustainable fashion advocate)
In 2008, I asked Justin N. Lane if he’d join the Daily Racing Form photographic team at some of the country’s top horse races. In the decade since, his contributions to our publication have been immeasurable- his work has proven consistently top notch - the photographs that he shoots, his fast and accurate editing; and his good will along the way. In addition, his willingness to do whatever is asked of him, as well as to help trouble-shoot, has proven second to none.
— Barbara D. Livingston (chief photographer, Daily Racing Form)